Travis County Probate Courthouse

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Travis County needed replacement of the windows and frames on its historic Probate Courthouse located in Downtown Austin. The most recently installed windows on the building dating back to the late 1970’s didn’t resemble the prior historic windows from the 1930’s and lacked energy efficient technologies.

Texas Glass and Tinting was happy to step up to the job on this tedious $1.7 million-dollar commercial project! Through partnership with Graham Windows, we were able to obtain replicas of the historic windows and frames to maintain the original authentic feel of the building, but with modern energy efficient technology. We utilized insulated double-glazed glass and thermally broken frames. Thermally broken frames contain a polyamide strip which is a material of low thermal conductivity which minimizes the transfer of heat and cold through the window frame, resulting in improved energy efficiency. Utilization of these technologies will help up to 50% savings in heat loss and gain during the summer and winter months, which is especially important an environmentally conscious county! Further, Texas Glass and Tinting was happy to provide reassurance to Travis County with securing bonding for our contractors and work, which has been found to be uncommon for others in our industry commercial projects of this size! However, we completed the project on time and as planned without need for reliance on the bonding!


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